Paper of Randomized smoothing

Paper list

Posted by Yanghao ZHANG on July 8, 2020

Paper list of Randomized Smoothinng

  • Certified robustness to adversarial examples with differential privacy, 2018

  • Certified Adversarial Robustness with Additive Noise, 2019

  • Certified Adversarial Robustness via Randomized Smoothing, 2019

  • Provably Robust Deep Learning via Adversarially Trained Smoothed Classifiers, 2019

  • Rethinking Randomized Smoothing for Adversarial Robustness, 2020

  • Extensions and limitations of randomized smoothing for robustness guarantees, 2020

  • Curse of Dimensionality on Randomized Smoothing for Certifiable Robustness, 2020

  • Randomized Smoothing of All Shapes and Sizes, 2020

  • Efficient Robustness Certificates for Discrete Data: Sparsity-Aware Randomized Smoothing for Graphs, Images and More, 2020

  • Scalable Differential Privacy with Certified Robustness in Adversarial Learning, 2020

  • Certified Robustness to Label-Flipping Attacks via Randomized Smoothing, 2020